Psychiatrist Prof. Julio Vallejo Ruiloba, MD, PhD

Anxiety Disorder

The main symptom of anxiety disorders is usually anxiety itself, although this symptom is often present in most other psychiatric disorders. Anxiety, which appears when the human subject perceives a situation as threatening (either physically or psychically) can be characterized by a permanent state (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) or take the form of a crisis (panic attack). In the first case, generalized anxiety affects between 3-4% of the general population and has to be treated with tranquilizers and psychotherapy, whereas in the latter case 1% of the general population will suffer from panic attacks and have to be treated with antidepressants and only very occasionally is psychotherapy used.

While the connection between constitution and anxiety is fairly well-known, generalized anxiety tends to be associated with psychological conflicts (relationships, financial, professional etc.) whereas panic attacks are currently considered to be linked to constitutional-biological factors.

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