Psychiatrist Prof. Julio Vallejo Ruiloba, MD, PhD

Treatment of mental disorders

The scope of psychiatry is extensive with even the most cautious figures estimating that between 20-25% of the general population suffer from some type or psychiatric disorder or illness. This figure obviously includes the least serious conditions, such as anxiety, to the most serious disorders such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Given the fact that the causes and the nature of each disorder are very different, each case must be analysed individually in order to determine the best treatment or combination of treatments for the patient.

Although treatments are often essentially psychopharmalogical (e.g. schizophrenia), other treatments may be psychology-based (e.g. personality disorders) while others may apply a combination of both methods. In the therapeutical approach section it can be readed how the scientific contribution of these psychiatrists are reflected in our treatment methodology.

Moreover,our practice is specialized, beyond non-complicated cases, those who pose a challenge in the treatment by not responding to standard therapy, the resistant cases. These cases require a very concrete and precise treatment.