Psychiatrist Prof. Julio Vallejo Ruiloba, MD, PhD

Treatment of Personality Disorder

Strictly speaking personality disorders are not illnesses, but personality alterations which can cause conflicts for the patients themselves and those around them. It is not an illness which affects the patient causing temporal suffering and pain then simply disappears, but rather an illness which affects the very individual and his/her identity becomes perturbed. The onset of this type of disorders occurs in childhood/adolescence due to genetic and environmental factors and the condition can be life-long.

Although extreme cases can be easily diagnosed, it is not always easy to draw a line where normality ends and disorder begins which makes borderline cases difficult to detect. There are 3 types of personality disorder: A (odd and eccentric subjects), B (dramatic, narcissistic and erratic subjects) and C (fearful or anxious subjects). Treatment, which depends on the personality type and is not always easy, is based essentially on psychotherapy although psychopharmaceuticals are occasionally prescribed.

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